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Fairless Victory - Allstate Sweeps Vegas 8-Ball


Fairless Victory - Allstate Sweeps Vegas 8-Ball

Bryan Harley, Cruiser Editor

'How cool would it be to hang out with Rick Fairless, have him show you around Strokers Dallas, then sit down and brainstorm together on a custom paint job for your bike? Fairless’ skills in the paint booth rank with the best of them, his color-splashed, comically-themed combinations his signature style.

Better yet, what if it was a motorcycle you won in a sweepstakes? In this case it’s a Victory Vegas 8-Ball with the custom treatment already applied by Fairless and his Strokers team featuring fresh designs making their industry debut. 

Thanks to Allstate Insurance this dream will soon be somebody’s reality courtesy of Allstate’s annual motorcycle sweepstakes. This is the fifth year Allstate has held its motorcycle sweepstakes but is the first time the grand prize will be a motorcycle customized by Fairless'...Read More


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